Juan Jose Otalvares

Juan José mainly advises software companies, Fintech companies, start ups and foreign investors. He has participated in several business structuring operations advising Argentine and international companies, investors and entrepreneurs. Added to this are legal services provided in connection with M&A, corporate governance and tax planning to private clients. He has obtained his degree from the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). He has also completed an LLM EP in International Trade Law and International Commercial Transactions at University of Washington Law School where he has been a visiting lecturer later. On the other hand, in the framework of his research regarding the legal status of fintech companies in Argentina, he has been a fellow of the Universidad Austral in Master’s Degree in Argentine Business Law and Arbitration. Juan José worked as an associate at Allende & Brea as well as in the legal department of ​​Ford Motor Company. He also actively advises the Argentine Fintech Chamber where he has participated and moderated panels and is also consulted by recognized companies belonging to this industry. He actively participates in the International Bar Association (IBA) and is a member of the Argentine U 40 Businessman Union (UNAJE). He has held and holds corporate positions in local and international companies at its Argentine branches.